Interactive Map

Use the interactive map below to zoom in for more detailed views of the OYO Salt Lake courses. Hide routes or make them appear by clicking on the buttons (5K, 10K, etc) at the bottom of the map.

Fluids & Nutrition Drop Spots

Due to the self-supported nature of this event, nutrition will not be provided on course. Runners must provide their own nutrition if they desire it. However, the map below suggests various drop spots should you wish to "stash" some nutrition along the course prior to your race.

The black and white letters in the map below represent suggested locations for self-supported nutrition drops. The brown car icon near each letter represents the nearest vehicle access area.

*NOTE: Littering on course will not be tolerated. Please throw away or pack out any garbage or recyclables you bring in. There are numerous receptacles along the course.

If you do not wish to stash your nutrition along the course prior to your race, other options for support include carrying your nutrition with you, having a supporter meet you at certain spots along the route, or having a supporter bike alongside you carrying your nutrition.

Getting Familiar with the Course

Although most of the course is easy enough to follow, there are several forks and turns you'll want to be aware of. You'll find these areas marked in the maps below. There are two maps for each race course: one to show the "Out" (the first half of the race), and one to show the "Back" (the second half of the race). Each directive is notated by a colored marker.

Green: These directives are fairly self-explanatory and obvious.

Yellow: Potentially confusing areas worth double checking.

Red: These directives are not obvious, and it's extremely important to know these areas before starting your race.

Use the maps below by clicking on the green, yellow, and red markers along the course. A brief explanation will appear to describe the directive at the selected location.

The OYO app will give you audible turn-by-turn directives as you near each of these markers during your race. If, however, you choose not to listen to these directives in the OYO app, it's important to study the course and know the turn-by-turn directions before your race.

Marathon Out: Miles 0-13.1

Marathon Back: Miles 13.1-26.2

Half Marathon Out: Miles 0-6.55

Half Marathon Back: Miles 6.55-13.1

10K Out: Miles 0-3.1

10K Back: Miles 3.1-6.2

5K Out: Miles 0-1.55

5K Back: Miles 1.55-3.1