OYO is not a virtual race. Virtual races allow runners to race wherever they want and record their own time using their own devices. Most of the time, virtual races lead to time disruptions such as crossing busy streets and obeying traffic laws. On top of that, personal GPS devices feature a significant margin of error that lead to inaccurate course tracking and timing. OYO is a USATF measured and certified race course. It is fixated in place and available whenever you're ready for your race. Best of all, OYO has advanced timing technology built into the course, which allows for pinpoint accurate results you can trust.

Yes! The Marathon USATF Certification number is UT20001TJD, and the Half Marathon USATF Certification number is UT20002TJD.

The OYO app is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can download directly using one of the buttons below!

OYO is a self-supported course. Runners will need to provide their own nutrition. See the course map for places to "stash" nutrition along the route to help keep you going. Littering, however, is strictly prohibited.

Public drinking fountains are available along the route. However, some public drinking fountains are closed during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The course map indicates only the locations where drinking fountains are functional. Runners will need to provide their own additional water if they need more than what is offered by the functiobnal drinking fountains.

There are several public restroom locations along the course. Although some restrooms are closed during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, several of them are open. Only the restrooms that are currently open and functional are shown on the course map. Note that some of the open restrooms are locked overnight during park closure hours.

In addition to the public restrooms along the course, there are portable restrooms located at the start/finish line as well as the marathon turnaround point. These portable restrooms are locked with combination locks; you will receive the combination as part of your tutorial after you register. Please remember to replace the combination lock after using the restroom.

A series of measures are put in place to prevent cheating. Course cameras, timing checkpoints, and the OYO app all work together to ensure the legitimacy of every runner's final results. Any attempt to cheat will disqualify the runner and result in a lifetime ban from OYO races. Refer to the Keeping It Honest section for more details.

Your race kit will ship within days of registration!

The OYO app will prompt you to perform a quick test before beginning your race. This will ensure the timing equipment is properly synced to the OYO app and your electronic race tag on your bib.

You do NOT need to schedule a date or time to run your OYO race. Plan accordingly, but your OYO race can be ran any time of day, any day of the year. Just show up whenever you're ready!

Unofficial results are available within moments of the completion of your race. They will be marked as pending until reviewed by OYO compliance staff. Once reviewed, the results will no longer be marked as pending and will be official.

Yes! You may run your OYO race with whatever tiny or furry support you need. How many race courses can say that?

The time limit for all OYO races (regardless of distance) is ten hours.

OYO does take place on a USATF certified course; however, it is not eligible for Boston Marathon qualification. Note that OYO races CAN be used for Club Qualifiers and Level Upgrades for the Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics (see below).

Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics will accept OYO events towards club qualification (for new members), and level upgrades and Hall of Fame status (for current members). To be eligible, half marathons must be completed in under five hours, and marathons must be completed in under eight hours.

Additionally, at least five runners must attempt to complete the same distance on the same day. The daily results must list at least five runners starting the same distance, and at least three of those runners completing that distance on the same calendar day. The cutoff times outlined above must be met by the minimum of three finishers. 

Please contact the Maniacs / Fanatics directly at info@marathonmaniacs.com with additional questions concerning eligibility. More detailed information can be found on the clubs criteria FAQ pages for the Maniacs and Fanatics.

Yes, OYO does count as a race toward 50 States Half Marathon Club challenges, with the following stipulations: only one OYO race can count for 2020, and only one can count for 2021.  As OYO adds courses in additional states, and upon further evaluation of the running industry over the upcoming year, this policy will be continuously re-evaluated by 50 States Half Marathon Club leadership.

Yes, OYO races are eligible to be counted towards a member's 100 half marathons goal. There are no stipulations or minimum requirements other than those outlined in the official OYO race rules.